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June 4 Chat – What if healthcare has it all wrong?

Introduction by Lisa Fields (@PracitcalWisdom) Amy Berman. RN is one of the most respected and beloved health care leaders. She shares her dedication and passion for improving health care for older adults as a Senior Program Officer with The John A. Hartford Foundation. Susannah Fox, in her Twitter bio, shares this wonderful descriptive term: Community […]

#HCLDR Chat – May 21 2013 – Good People

“Good people are so hard to find” In both our personal and professional lives, there is no greater challenge than finding “good people” to surround ourselves with. When we were children our parents told us about the importance of having good friends. When we got into high school, college and university we learned how important […]

#HCLDR Chat – April 30 2013 – Trust

In this era of reality TV, blogs, websites and social media trust has never been harder to establish and has never been easier to lose. All of us have had to learn new ways of building trust through online means. We’re getting used to creating relationships with people who we may never meet. We have […]

#HCLDR Chat – Feb 12 2013 – Decisions

Decision-making is an important leadership skill. For healthcare leaders, decisions can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. Thankfully most of the decisions we have to make day-to-day are not in the same vein (excuse the pun). This week’s tweetchat is on the topic of making good decisions. Mike Myatt wrote an excellent article […]

#HCLDR Chat – Jan 29 2013 – Workplace Conflict

Five Keys of Dealing with Workplace Conflict We have heard from several members of our community and they reported #HCLDR chat was especially helpful this past week. I thought the tweets were fast, valuable and the conversation was rich. Thanks to Colin for choosing the topic of “Priorities” and for all the planning he put […]

#HCLDR Chat – Dec 11 2012 – Truth and Candor

Wow. The last few #hcldr chats have been amazing – especially last week’s on Praise and Motivation. This week’s topic picks up on an idea from our last chat – where the concept of honesty was raised as a pre-requisite of respect and leadership effectiveness. This week, the topic centers around the concept of “truth”. […]