Monthly Archives: September 2013

Oct 1 Chat – Healthcare Conferences

Post by Colin Hung This past weekend many healthcare experts, healthcare leaders and healthcare social media icons gathered at the MedicineX conference (hashtag #MedX) organized by Stanford. Our very own Lisa Fields presented a session on Saturday (picture above) entitled “Twitter in the learning healthcare system: The tweetchat and professional development”. There were also many members […]

Sept 24 Chat – Our Goal: Providing Professional Development & Leadership for Health Care Leaders

A post by Lisa Fields This week’s questions: T1: As members of our community could you share one specific way you’ve demonstrated information you’ve learned from #HCLDR? T2: As Healthcare Leaders do you believe best practice for #HCSM Chats would include sharing any potential conflict of interest? T3: As Healthcare Leaders please share specific way(s) you’ve seen […]

Sept 17 Chat – Healthcare Advertising

Post by Colin Hung Last week we explored the topic of healthcare + media with the folks involved with the Escape Fire documentary. Through cosmic serendipity, something happened this week in my home province of Ontario that highlighted a different aspect of healthcare and media – advertising. On September 12th, an ad from an Ontario […]

Sept 10 Chat – Changing Healthcare through Media and the Movies

Post By Cristine Russell and Rebecca Stern for @EscapeFire  The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” suggests that images have the power to convey complex ideas quickly and effectively. In tackling the complicated issues involved in health and healthcare in America, visual media can serve as a key tool to create conversations […]

Sept 3 Chat – What’s Emerging Tech Got to Do With Us?

Post by Patricia Anderson From social media to wearable technologies, from bioprinting to the quantified self movement, emerging technologies have the potential to change lives and clinical practice. At the same time, change isn’t always welcomed, and it is often difficult to determine which proposed changes bear the most value and the least risk. Even […]