Monthly Archives: July 2021

Turning “Nice-to-Haves” into “Medically Necessary”

Have we reached a point where items that were once seen as “nice-to-have” are now “medically necessary”? Take for example, air conditioning. As the number of heat waves increases and the number of heat deaths climbs in the elderly population, is it time to change our view and designate air conditioning as necessary? Air Conditioners […]

Climate Change and Sustainable Healthcare Systems

Intro by Joe Babaian | Blog by Amy Ma This week we have the distinct pleasure of hosting Amy Ma as our #hcldr guest host. Amy is an enthusiastic participant in the #hcldr community and always brings powerful insights into the state of healthcare access and equity across diverse populations in Canada and North America. […]

Trust in Healthcare and the Dilemma of Shared Leadership Roles

On the next HCLDR Tweetchat on Tuesday July 13th at 8:30pm ET (for your local time click here) we welcome special guest host David Campbell, PhD @david_ethics, Ethicist for Kingston Health Sciences Centre. He will be leading us in an exploration of how shared corporate leadership roles can pose ethical challenges in the form of […]

The Future of HCLDR

We are nearing the 9th anniversary of the HCLDR Community and I think it’s about time we had another discussion about the future of the community itself. Back in August 2012, HCLDR started as a 30min tweetchat. [Why 30min? Because we didn’t think we’d have enough to talk about for a full hour – boy […]