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Changing The Mental Health Conversation

Blog post by Karen Ranus of @NAMIAustin. Introduction by Joe Babaian. This week on #hcldr we are excited to have Karen Ranus, Executive Director of NAMI Austin with us. Karen is also one of the outstanding speakers this month at the 2018 What’s The Fix? Healthcare Conference live in Austin and online streaming this Thursday, May 17th. Please don’t […]

Brain Function Technologies: Benefits to Organizations

Blog post by Paul Swingle, PhD, RPsych, BCN, BCB @drpaulswingle & Elizabeth Hartney PhD, RPsych, BCN, BCB We are both healthcare practitioners (Registered Psychologists) who have worked for years as healthcare leaders, while also practicing a specific psychological approach called neurotherapy.  To those of us who work in both roles, the benefits of neurotherapy to […]

Authentic Listening in Healthcare

Blog post by Joe Babaian Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood – Steven Covey Is your doctor really present during your visit? – Suzanne Koven M.D. The topic of Authentic Listening has become even more important since I originally published this in 2015. We have not yet moved the needle toward true meaningful engagement that […]

$50 To Live, $50 to Die

Image credit to Ted Closson – @vinegartom – Blog by Joe Babaian Hello #hcldr friends, peers, lurkers, and accidental visitors! You’re all welcome here! I had a blog planned for this last Tuesday of April, but something more important crossed my feed. A dear friend, #hcldr, and incredible librarian shared a Tweet that rocked my core. You […]

The Rise of Genomics in Health Care

Blog post by Rasu Shrestha, MD, MBA Our ability to decipher and harness a person’s biology to understand disease and the possible effects of treatment has led to a new frontier in medicine—the rise of genomics. The rise has been driven in part by consumer demand for affordable genetic insight. Whether the impetus is rooted […]

Is Healthcare on the Brink of a Digital Revolution?

Blog post by Joe Babaian “The word of the day is augmentation” ~ Rasu Shrestha, MD Is healthcare on the bring of a digital revolution? We’ve been hearing about the promise of digital health, precision medicine, empowered patients, and more for what seems like years. Often, one of the defining characteristics of a revolution or massive […]

Hype in Healthcare Marketing & PR

Blog post by Colin Hung. The fifth annual Healthcare IT Marketing & PR Conference (#HITMC) starts on April 4th in New Orleans – the day after our next #hcldr chat. To help kick off the conference I thought it would be interesting to invite the #HITMC community to our next #hcldr chat for a discussion on […]