Monthly Archives: August 2021

Health Apps: Good, Bad, and Regulation?

Health apps are meant to be easy and convenient tools that help us live healthier, change bad habits into good ones, help us manage chronic conditions…the list is endless. Look up any health-related topic on Apple’s App Store or Google Play and you’ll get dozens, if not hundreds of apps. But how do you know […]

Remembering The Forgotten Patients

Blog post by Joe Babaian Hi, I exist.     ~ Said by anyone overlooked, if they could only find their voice During this ongoing pandemic, we see the significant impacts on healthcare, including changing methods of delivery. From telehealth’s vigorous ascendancy (to a plateau of sorts), to in-person clinical care walking the tremulous line of reconsidering […]

Fax Machines + Healthcare

Last week, I live-tweeted a presentation on the future of fax in healthcare. The information and statistics I shared generated some strong reactions on Twitter. I thought it would be interesting to discuss fax technology this week on HCLDR. Fax ain't going anywherere anytime soon. Over 50% of healthcare people surveyed said they intend to […]