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Forgotten Patients

Blog post by Joe Babaian Hi, I exist.     ~ Said by anyone overlooked, if they could only find their voice During this ongoing pandemic, we’re all seeing the significant impacts on healthcare, including changing methods of delivery. As telehealth shows a vigorous ascendancy, in-person clinical care walks the tremulous line of reconsidering the value (or […]

The Real Leaders of Healthcare

Blog Post by Joe Babaian This week I felt it would be a great opportunity to call out the best examples of leadership in healthcare that you have seen during this pandemic. Leadership can take many forms as we tackle this new normal. Sharing factual news and updates Working on the front, middle, and backlines […]

What Matters Most In Healthcare

Blog Post by Joe Babaian During this time of uncertainty combined with healthcare being all-hands-on-deck, it’s easy to skip right past a lot of what matters – in times of crisis or otherwise. Let’s take some time to breathe and remind each other of the foundation we rest upon. The photo above is one that […]

The Pandemic’s 4th Wave

Blog Post by Joe Babaian Today’s blog is inspired by the so-called human-centered waves of the current pandemic. Attribution and design credits to Victor Tseng @VectorSting for the amazing work seen here. Take a look at Dr. Tseng’s graphic – it’s representative and not keyed to precise times as of today. He created this to […]

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Blog by Joe Babaian Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 dawns with the continued shaping of a new reality for everyone. First, you’re not alone. I have seen more connection, more support, more hope, and more examples of folks showing their greatest selves over the past weeks. Some examples – like the love from true #hcldr Liz […]

Fear & Action In A Time Of Crisis

Blog by Joe Babaian Today’s blog has a full title of Fear & Action In a Time Of Crisis, or how I learned to deal with #COVID19 in a healthy, reasonable way. Welcome! This #hcldr is about you. All of you. It’s space to come together and share the best facts, the most compassion, and […]

Being A Healthcare Consumer

Blog post by Joe Babaian The pharma pricing system was not built on the idea of consumer engagement. It was built… on market efficiencies. It was not built on the premise of consumerism. ~ Heather Bresch, CEO Mylan Heather’s comment is striking and it’s emblematic of the entire healthcare system as we now know it. […]

Your Reputation – Up For Grabs?

Blog post by Joe Babaian It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. ~ Warren Buffett This week on #hcldr I want to touch base on something we all think about – sometimes directly, other times more passingly, but we […]

Healthcare Conversations: Communication or Broadcast?

Blog Post by Joe Babaian Does intent matter in the world of authentic communication? Today, as every day, I am inspired and encouraged by the depth of community collaboration and growth here at #hcldr and our extended communities – great folks in such a wide and diverse group! This got me thinking about communication versus […]

The Illusion of Choice in Healthcare

Blog by Joe Babaian The illusion of choice is the greatest magic trick ever performed. ― Ziad K. Abdelnour Free will and the meaning of choice have been a philosophical discussion since the beginning of spoken language. I’d like to focus on something a bit less esoteric – choice or the illusion of choice in healthcare. […]