Monthly Archives: May 2023

What is Over-hyped and Under-hyped in Healthcare?

Over the long weekend (it was a holiday yesterday in Canada), I was doing a bit of cleaning and I stumbled across an old brochure that I had taken from a company who was building a blockchain based patient engagement solution. This brochure was from about 6 years ago when the hype around blockchain had […]

Healthcare Insecurity: A Looming Threat We Can’t Ignore

Blog by Joe Babaian Healthcare Insecurity Unveiled The rising tide of healthcare costs: It’s no secret – healthcare costs are skyrocketing. A study published in JAMA found that healthcare spending in the US increased by about $933.5 billion between 1996 and 2013. With this staggering rise, many are left wondering: Can I afford to get […]

Looking Beyond the Weekly Tweetchat

Is it time for HCLDR to expand beyond Twitter to find new ways to engage the healthcare community?

Medical Education’s Bumpy Road: Impacting Future Doctors and What We Can Do About It

Blog by Joe Babaian As we navigate the ever-evolving medical landscape, it’s crucial to recognize the role of the medical education system in shaping the doctors of tomorrow. The question is: are we doing enough to prepare them for the challenges they’ll face? I’ll share my thoughts on the most pressing issues facing medical education […]