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Thanks + Gratitude: An HCLDR Thanksgiving Chat

This week is the Thanksgiving holiday in the US and so we are having our traditional “giving thanks” chat on HCLDR. It has once again been a very tough year for many of us…but unlike 2020, the cloud of COVID is slowly dissipating. A year ago we did not yet have ready access to the […]

Is Remote Monitoring an Intrusion?

One of the things I get to do is mentor and coach healthcare entrepreneurs. I really enjoy it. Plus it allows me to keep up-to-date on the latest innovations. Lately, I have seen a lot of companies building technology to help people stay safe and recover at home. It’s definitely full-steam ahead for the care-at-home […]

Health Equity + Telemedicine

This week on HCLDR we welcome two very special guest hosts: Stacy Hurt @stacy_hurt and Andrew Watson, MD @arwmd They will be leading us in a discussion on health equity + telemedicine. This chat will be in conjunction with #TelemedNow. Please join us on Tuesday November 2nd at 8:30pm ET (for your local time click […]

Whistleblowers: Time to Change Our View?

Theranos and Facebook have been in the news a lot lately. The stories are unrelated, but both prominently feature whistleblowers – brave individuals who brought forward their concerns about the company’s behavior but who got nowhere internally. Facebook Whistleblower In the case of Facebook, Frances Haugen, former data scientist and Facebook employee, has testified before […]

Fast Science vs Good Science at a Time of Growing Anti-Science

We live in a world where science is quickly weaponized or demonized (depending on what you believe). Studies saying one thing are pitted against studies that say the opposite. Yet rarely does the underlying science get called into question and even if it does, it gets buried in rhetoric. The CBC recently published a story […]

Global health spending: immigrant and refugee seniors

Join us on Tuesday, September 14 at 8:30 EST (for your local time click here), as we explore ways to address the competing challenges for immigrant seniors experiencing social isolation during this pandemic. We will be joined by Shanthi Johnson @ShanthiJohnson, the Dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta, who […]

Failures and Mistakes – Owning & Learning From Them

Apologies for the last-minuteness of this HCLDR blog post… Tonight on our the weekly HCLDR tweetchat, I thought it would be interesting to discuss mistakes and failures – specifically how we can own them and learn from them. I should clarify, that when I say “mistake” I’m not necessarily referring to medical errors or adverse […]

Health Apps: Good, Bad, and Regulation?

Health apps are meant to be easy and convenient tools that help us live healthier, change bad habits into good ones, help us manage chronic conditions…the list is endless. Look up any health-related topic on Apple’s App Store or Google Play and you’ll get dozens, if not hundreds of apps. But how do you know […]

Fax Machines + Healthcare

Last week, I live-tweeted a presentation on the future of fax in healthcare. The information and statistics I shared generated some strong reactions on Twitter. I thought it would be interesting to discuss fax technology this week on HCLDR. Fax ain't going anywherere anytime soon. Over 50% of healthcare people surveyed said they intend to […]

Turning “Nice-to-Haves” into “Medically Necessary”

Have we reached a point where items that were once seen as “nice-to-have” are now “medically necessary”? Take for example, air conditioning. As the number of heat waves increases and the number of heat deaths climbs in the elderly population, is it time to change our view and designate air conditioning as necessary? Air Conditioners […]