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Healthcare Memorials and Monuments

Next weekend is the Memorial Day holiday in the US. It is a time to mourn for US military personnel who died while serving. It is a day when people visit cemeteries and monuments to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice made by brave men and women. Last year, ahead of this holiday, the HCLDR Community […]

If Not Twitter Then Where?

With the news of Twitter’s acquisition by Elon Musk and the potential changes happening to the platform, it seemed appropriate to take this opportunity to talk about the current state of healthcare social media and what the future might hold. Twitter Community Legacy For the past 9 years Twitter has been the main channel through […]

The Current State of Healthcare Jobs

Over the past several weeks, I have received more LinkedIn notifications from people changing roles/organizations than ever before. Last Monday, for example, I received 10 such notices! I have also heard from numerous company leaders who would love an introduction to anyone that I know who might be looking for a new healthcare role – […]

Is Healthcare Hostile to Outsiders?

I have been meeting with a lot of company leaders lately and there is a question that has been floating around in my head that I would love to discuss with the HCLDR community: Are we too hostile to outsiders in healthcare? Jumping into Healthcare The COVID pandemic exposed a lot of gaps in healthcare […]

A Stranger in a Strange Land

The COVID pandemic is waning and public health authorities are removing restrictions. It is clear that we are moving towards an endemic approach to COVID-19. Mask mandates are ending along with capacity limits. Proof of vaccination is no longer required to gain entry in many places. It is a welcome return to “normal”…and yet I […]

What if a Physician Isn’t Good at Telehealth?

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a user group conference for a large Health IT company. One of the most interesting conversations that I overheard was on the topic of physicians who were not good at telehealth. Here is a synopsis of the story one Chief Medical Officer told his peer from […]

The Impact of Healthcare’s Staffing Crisis

The staffing challenge in healthcare has gone from something that affected a small number of organizations to a crisis that now grips the entire industry around the globe. From London to New York to Toronto to Cape Town – there are news stories about the lack of nurses, physicians, personal care workers, EMTs and technicians. […]

Looking Ahead to 2022

Happy New Year to the HCLDR Community! Hopefully you were all able to take a few days to rest and recuperate from the year we just finished. We managed to have a couple of small family gather over the holidays before we went back into lockdown due to the Omicron variant. It was subdued, but […]

The Legacy of 2021

This week’s HCLDR tweetchat will be the last one for 2021. We’ve decided to take a short 3 week break over the holidays. We’ll be back with new HCLDR chats on Tuesday January 11, 2022 Joe and I wanted to give everyone back their Tuesday evenings to enjoy the holidays. Time with family and away […]

Thanks + Gratitude: An HCLDR Thanksgiving Chat

This week is the Thanksgiving holiday in the US and so we are having our traditional “giving thanks” chat on HCLDR. It has once again been a very tough year for many of us…but unlike 2020, the cloud of COVID is slowly dissipating. A year ago we did not yet have ready access to the […]