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What is the Ideal Patient Discharge Experience?

There is a saying that the last impression you make is the lasting one. Put another way, it means that your wonderful meal can be ruined by having to wait 20 minutes for your check to arrive. Since that is the case, healthcare providers should spend more time and energy improving their discharge experiences. Over […]

Love + Healthcare

Since the next #HCLDR weekly tweetchat falls on February 14th, it seems natural to discuss the role of love + relationships + connection in healthcare. Join us at 8:30pm ET (for your local time click here) on Valentine’s Day when we will discuss the following questions: According to the Beatles, all we need is love. […]

Patients and Conferences

This past week, I was in Las Vegas hosting the 2023 Healthcare and IT Marketing Conference (HITMC23). It was a successful event, but we could have done more for the patients who spoke. We missed an opportunity to highlight them and to involve them in the planning process. As an organizer I should have known […]

Are Healthcare Moonshots Effective?

When President John F Kennedy committed to landing a man on the Moon by the end of the decade during his 1961 speech to Congress, he rallied the nation behind that single goal. What happened after was an explosion of innovation and investment in the space program. Kennedy’s “moonshot” has become a template for rallying […]

What will we do differently in 2023?

It has become a HCLDR tradition to start each new calendar year with a tweetchat about our plans for the next 12 months. We used to share our resolutions, but over the past few years that has become passé. Resolutions are often too lofty and unachievable. So instead, we have shared the realistic plans and […]

Looking back at healthcare in 2022

Can you believe that we’ve reached the end of 2022? This year has been a truly unique one. At times this year has felt like it would never end – like when travel restrictions were still in place at the beginning of the year. At other times, I felt like I blinked and a month […]

The Importance of Community in Healthcare

There is no escaping the head-scratching news coming from the executive offices of Twitter. It is a lesson on how not to handle a change in ownership. Every day companies and high-profile celebrities are announcing their departure from the platform. It’s a sad time for those of us who have found friends and sense of […]

Grassroot organizations leading the charge for equity, inclusion and racial justice

On the next #HCLDR tweetchat, we welcome guest host Angela J. Carter, MA – @ajwcarter. Angela is the Executive Director at Roots Community Services, Inc, in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. She is leading a team of community leaders focused on dismantling anti-Black racism and systemic discrimination. Angela will be leading us in a discussion about how […]

Should Driving Interoperability be a High Priority?

November 14-20, 2022 is Digital Health Week in Canada. To help bring attention to the importance of digital health and health technology, HCLDR is collaborating with Canada Health Infoway, an independent, not-for-profit organization funded by the Canadian federal government to connect all healthcare stakeholders (patients, hospitals, clinics, government agencies, etc). On Tuesday November 15th at […]

Ending Patient Volunteerism. How can Patients be Compensated?

Should patients be compensated for participating in research, studies, and advisory counsels? The simple answer is yes. Not only is it the ethical thing to do, it also will help improve health equity AND healthcare overall. Why? Because patient volunteerism (not paying patients) means that only people who can afford the time and expense will […]