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The Importance of Community in Healthcare

There is no escaping the head-scratching news coming from the executive offices of Twitter. It is a lesson on how not to handle a change in ownership. Every day companies and high-profile celebrities are announcing their departure from the platform. It’s a sad time for those of us who have found friends and sense of […]

State of Healthcare Social Media

Is healthcare social media dying? Has it been the fad that everyone predicted in the early days, or has social media become an integral part of the healthcare landscape? How has your use of social platforms evolved? I’m interested in hearing opinions from the #hcldr community on this topic. This past week, I had the […]

Do Doctors Need to Do More Than Provide Great Patient Care?

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to listen to a short presentation from Dr. Katharine Smart @KatharineSmart, President of the Canadian Medical Association. During her presentation she made a strong case that physicians of the future will be more tech, data, and social media savvy than ever before – mostly because they will […]

If Not Twitter Then Where?

With the news of Twitter’s acquisition by Elon Musk and the potential changes happening to the platform, it seemed appropriate to take this opportunity to talk about the current state of healthcare social media and what the future might hold. Twitter Community Legacy For the past 9 years Twitter has been the main channel through […]

The Future of HCLDR

We are nearing the 9th anniversary of the HCLDR Community and I think it’s about time we had another discussion about the future of the community itself. Back in August 2012, HCLDR started as a 30min tweetchat. [Why 30min? Because we didn’t think we’d have enough to talk about for a full hour – boy […]

State of Healthcare Social Media 2021

Welcome to 2021 everyone! I hope you had a safe and healthy Happy New Year. If all goes according to plan, we will be celebrating the 9th anniversary of HCLDR in August this year – a milestone I never thought we would see when we started this journey in August of 2012. I thought it […]

Medical Misinformation: A Moral Imperative?

This week’s #hcldr chat is inspired by two recent events – one personal and the other international. This past week, I had the opportunity to attend the 2nd annual Pharma Marketing Conference here in Toronto. I went to the event hoping to learn firsthand what marketing is like in the world of big pharma. While […]

Wrapping up the decade in Healthcare (2010-2019)

The next HCLDR chat on Tuesday December 17th, 2019 will be the last one for the year…and the decade. We will be taking a two-week break because the next two Tuesdays fall on holidays. HCLDR will return on Tuesday January 7th, 2020. Given that it’s the end of a decade, Joe and I thought it […]

Thankful for…[insert answer here]…

It’s Thanksgiving week in the US – time for turkey, football, family and friends. As is tradition on HCLDR, we are helping to celebrate this holiday by having our annual chat where we say “Thanks” and reflect on the past year. Given that we are nearing the end of a decade, I thought it would […]

HCLDR – Chat. Community. Action.

Whenever the calendar flips to August, I get a warm glow inside…and it has nothing to do with the hot, sticky weather outside. Way back in August 2012, we held our first 30min tweetchat. In my wildest dreams I never thought we would still be here 7 years later, still going strong. As we enter […]