Re-imaging the healthcare model in the age of Amazon

Blog post by Pam Ressler and Pippa Shulman. Introduction by Colin Hung.

Every year Dr Larry Chu and the great folks at Standford Medicine host the fantastic MedicineX conference (MedX) where patients, industry insiders, technologists and future-thinkers gather to listen/discuss healthcare. I had the pleasure of attending in 2015.

The sessions at MedX are very much like TedTalks – packed with insights and inspiration. Many HCLDR community members have been speakers at MedX including: Colleen Young, Meredith Gould, Pam Ressler, David Harlow, ePatient Dave, Amy Berman and many others.

This week on HCLDR we are honored to help MedX panelists: Pam Ressler @pamressler, Eliza “Pippa” Shulman @drpippa, Richard Rakowski and Mary Ann O’Connor prepare for their session: Home is where the innovation is – keeping the patient as the nucleus of an interdisciplinary team.


How might we re-imagine health care in the model of Amazon? The online retail juggernaut has forever changed consumer expectations. We are now used to getting what we want, when we want it, delivered exactly the way we asked for it. In a sense, Amazon made delivery of mundane items sexy. My fellow panelists at MedicineX (#MedX) and I have been thinking about how we could make the delivery of healthcare sexy. We believe it can be done, but to do this we must transition the healthcare system away from hospitals and acute care facilities. We need a new moonshot for health care.

We have the technology and the means to take care of a group of astronauts in the harshness of space and yet we have ignored the same innovative thinking to our homes. In fact, we don’t think about our homes as high-tech places. We feel that home care has not been given the respect or attention that hospital based care has. We firmly believe that it is time to redirect innovation to the home. This innovation should not just take the form of apps and devices, we need to innovate and update how people interact with and function within a technologically enhanced home environment. Technology should not be the primary driver, instead, focus needs to be placed equally on the relationship people have with their world around them. Technology needs to amplify the connection people have with their home, their health and their caregivers and their healthcare providers. It should not get in the way, like how EHRs have gotten in the way of physicians.

We welcome the collective wisdom of the HCLDR community to help us consider the following questions in preparation of Medicine X September 15-17, 2017. Please join us Tuesday August 29th at 8:30pm ET (for your local time click here) when we will discuss:

  • T1 How might we make healthcare delivery sexy so that more innovation & attention are given to it?
  • T2 If you were coming up with a model of delivery for patient-centered healthcare what attributes would you include?
  • T3 How might we spur innovation & investment in healthy, technologically-enabled homes?
  • T4 What successful home-based care technologies or delivery models have you seen or read about?

Our call to action is for all patients and all caregivers, broadly defined – everyone included, to step up and demand health care that is delivered to them where they want it in a way that maintains dignity and autonomy, that is as high tech as what you can get in the best hospital in the country, and that is provided with humanity and caring by well trained healers.

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Imagine – Kenji Oka

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