How’s that Triple Aim going for ya’?

This week is going to be fast and frenetic, with everyone scurrying around from meetup to meetup at HIMSS19. @alexbfair, from @Medstartr is hosting, and Linda Stotsky, @EMRAnswers, is helping with this week’s chat.

Our topic this week: “How’s that Triple Aim going for ya’?”

Don Berwick, Tom Nolan and John Wittington introduced the Triple Aim in a 2008 Health Affairs article describing an approach to optimizing health system performance, and improving the health of populations.  Just for perspective, here is the abstract to that article:

Improving the U.S. health care system requires simultaneous pursuit of three aims: improving the experience of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing per capita costs of health care. Preconditions for this include the enrollment of an identified population, a commitment to universality for its members, and the existence of an organization (an “integrator”) that accepts responsibility for all three aims for that population. The integrator’s role includes at least five components: partnership with individuals and families, redesign of primary care, population health management, financial management, and macro system integration.

So that was May 2008.  Fast forward to 2019 and we have seen CCHIT, PPACA, the emergence of participatory medicine, amazing patient activists, AI, AR, VR, billions invested, hospital pilot and innovation programs and thousands of changes large and small that have been influenced by the Triple Aim.  Berwick laid out a road map that helped frame the problem, but it is an enormous problem and we aren’t anywhere near done yet!

We posit that, while a single payor system that could act as an integrator did not come to fruition, the “Integrator” has become the global healthcare innovation community of leaders who are building, searching for, mentoring, trying, piloting, partnering, and investing in the new approaches and ideas that will satisfy the goals described so well in 2008.  But that is the perspective of the MedStartr team that focuses 100% on healthcare innovation adoption and investing.  To get a wider view and understand how progress looks from the largest twitter community of healthcare clinicians and leaders, we asked Colin and Joe if we could do a MedStartr Takeover this week in a special #HIMSS19 #HCLDR tweetchat and focus on this topic.

Wait, what about the Fourth one, what was it again?

Much of the heavy lifting on changing healthcare rested on the people responsible for implementing the change in organizations and care, driving clinician, leadership and staff burnout. People were not able to keep up with the goals in a timely manner, so a fourth aim was added which addressed how health care organizations could improve the work life of the teams of clinicians, staff, and leaders.  While not covered in this tweet chat due to space and time considerations, if there is interest we are glad to engage in that conversation in our next visit.

So how have we done? Let’s discuss the goals of population health, how we’ve addressed the inequities of access, quality and care management? Have we reduced cost. Have we made progress? What do we still need to do to make an impact?

Join us Tuesday February 12th at 8:30pm ET (for your local time click here) when we will be discussing the following questions:

  • T1 How has Access to Care Improved and what more can be done?
  • T2 Where are we with Outcomes – what are the best examples you have seen and how can we improve on them?
  • T3 Cost Reduction – is that happening?  How and where and what more can be done?
  • T4 How are social determinants of health affecting care and what programs and ideas can be implemented to work within the communities we serve.

We look forward to a deep, fast and informative conversation!  We were inspired to host this chat by the amazing sponsors and teams competing in the four #NOLAHI Challenges running on the platform right now that is looking for the most crowd-validated innovations that address Social Determinants of Care, Access to Care, the Cost of Care, and Real Time Results.  To see the teams competing and get involved in this global innovation award winning program, please visit  Thank you to Linda Stotsky, Colin Hung and Joe Babaian and the #HCLDR community for their support this week and for years.

Thank you also to the leaders at the New Orleans Business Alliance, BC/BS Louisiana, Ochsner Health System, Tulane Medical Center/ Columbia HCA, Lafayette General Foundation, University Medical Center, and the New Orleans Health Department for having the vision to support this program.

About the Authors

Linda Stotsky spent the last 25+ years in healthcare, experience beginning in hospital credentialing and physician practice management.  She worked alongside physicians during the early adoption and integration/optimization of EMR, PM, Lab and HIE systems. She was a member of HIMSS Interoperability Workgroup for Stage 1 Meaningful Use, and instrumental in connectivity efforts with KHIE and Shared Health (TN’s 1st HIE). Her value and “why” are in creating usable systems that work for role-based users.  Currently President of a Marketing Consultancy firm, “Authentic Marketing”, she guides companies through brand awareness, spearheading campaigns and establishing communication standards for clients including: Integrated Healthcare Association, Fogo Data Centers,, Healthcare Scene, WEGO Health, s4PM, Medstartr and others.

Alex Fair is a health innovation activist, investor and community leader.  He has led Health 2.0 NYC since 2009, since 2012 and MedStartr Ventures since 2017.  The communities he was helped build are designed to do one thing: advance innovation in healthcare with the help of crowds of health innovation enthusiasts.  He opened his first venture fund in 2017 and invests in the teams that do well on the MedStartr Crowdfunding platform and the winners of contests and challenges he runs around the world.  To learn more please visit the links above or tweet at him at @alexbfair or click the contact link on his MedStartr Mentor profile.

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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