Thanks + Gratitude: An HCLDR Thanksgiving Chat

This week is the Thanksgiving holiday in the US and so we are having our traditional “giving thanks” chat on HCLDR.

It has once again been a very tough year for many of us…but unlike 2020, the cloud of COVID is slowly dissipating. A year ago we did not yet have ready access to the vaccines, nor did we have as clear an understanding of the virus as we do now. Despite misinformation and pockets of people still wary of the vaccines, for the most part, the roll-out has been successful. It has allowed many to come out of our home-based bubbles.

Of course, many of us are still not back to the office, and some have even decided to pursue their own passions now that they are free from the four walls of corporate America. Personally, I’ve never seen so many jobs being posted or as many people looking for new opportunities as I have in 2021.

I guess what I’m saying is that a lot has happened in the past year.


I remain extremely grateful for the HCLDR community. Every Tuesday I look forward to the ideas, encouraging comments and thoughtful discourse that we have together. It is truly heart-warming to be able to lean on all of you every week. I always come away from our chats energized and with a long list of new websites/articles to explore.

This year, I think I have to once again express gratitude and thanks to everyone working in healthcare. Doctors, nurses, technicians, admin staff, cleaners, EMTs, and volunteers all deserved better in 2021. They went from heroes to being accosted for doing their jobs. They endured extra-long shifts and increasing workloads – all to keep us safe.

I am also grateful for all the healthcare entrepreneurs out there. They worked hard to keep their lights on and continued to create new products/services that will help make healthcare better in the years ahead. Despite the pandemic and societal disruption, they kept plugging away. I raise a turkey leg to all of them that were not in the spotlight but who are making a difference.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to all the caregivers out there. All you parents, children, friends, cousins, aunts, and uncles, out there taking care of someone – a big thank you. You are toiling away in silence caring for someone who needs help. That noble calling is sometime thankless, yet through the hard days and nights you have persevered. Thank you.


Join me this week for a light helping of the #hcldr tweetchat on Tuesday November 23rd at 8:30pm ET (for your local time click here) when we will be discussing:

  • T1 Saying thank you and telling someone they are appreciated are fantastic ways to show gratitude. What other ways have you found effective?  
  • T2 What individual or group do you think has flown under the radar this past year that deserves gratitude/thanks?
  • T3 As look at the next 12 months, who should we keep in our thoughts?
  • T4 HCLDR FUN: Share your favorite Thanksgiving recipe or “hack” for surviving the holidays. 

Travel safe. Stay safe.

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