What will we do differently in 2023?

It has become a HCLDR tradition to start each new calendar year with a tweetchat about our plans for the next 12 months. We used to share our resolutions, but over the past few years that has become passé. Resolutions are often too lofty and unachievable. So instead, we have shared the realistic plans and intentions we have.

For me I am going to make 2023 my year that I do things differently. My motto for the next 12 months is: “Differently in 23”. I plan to make small adjustments in three main areas:

  1. What I eat
  2. How I work
  3. How I spend my leisure time

I realize that it is impossible for me to completely go cold-turkey on the foods I love and because I work from home, I have easy access to a pantry + fridge full of tempting snacks. I’ve tried to go on different diets but nothing ever stick. So this year, I’m going to make a simple adjustment. Every time I’m at the grocery store, for every “bad” snack I buy, I’m going to buy a healthier one too.

This give me a choice each time I get an afternoon snack craving and if I eat all the bad snacks first, I will then be forced to eat the healthier ones afterwards. I’ve been trying this for the past month and it’s been working.

I also plan to make a small change to the way I work. I’m going to snooze my phone for 2 hours every day and place it where I can’t see it. That way, I’ll be able to focus better and I won’t get distracted by all the incoming messages/alerts. As the year goes on, I hope to increase this to 4 or 6 hours every day. I tried this for a week in November and it really helped my productivity.

Finally, I’m going to make a small change to how I spend my leisure time. During the pandemic, I fell into a rut of working on Saturdays and Sundays. What started as an hour of work has turned into an almost-full workday. This is clearly unsustainable. I’ve tried to stop, but the never-ending list of to-dos is like a siren call. So I’m going to allow myself to work BUT I’m also going to make sure that every weekend I plan a small outing with my family.

It could be a quick trip to the mall, the grocery store, a walk in the park, or just visiting with friends/family. No more working through the weekend for me.

None of these changes completely eliminates my bad habits. BUT I’m hoping that in 2023 I can make meaningful small steps towards changing them. So for 2023, I’m going to be realistic with myself and set an achievable goal of doing things a little bit differently.

I wonder if we can do the same for healthcare?

Join the first #hcldr tweetchat of 2023 on Tuesday January 10th at 8:30pm ET (for your local time click here) when we will discuss the following questions:

  • Q1 What are you planning on doing differently in 2023 (if anything)?
  • Q2 What small change can/should healthcare leaders & healthcare organizations make in 2023?
  • Q3 What challenges do you foresee for us as healthcare change agents in 2023?
  • Q4 What topics would you like to see discussed on HCLDR in 2023?

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