Fear of Missing Out in Healthcare


Blog post by Joe Babaian

The Fear of Missing Out or FOMO is commonly defined as:

A pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent. A desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing.

We’ve all been there, or perhaps not – during this high conference season especially!

So, the fear of missing out. There is no shame in admitting that photos and casts of excellent sessions, new innovations, seemingly all of your friends hanging out, and unique new insights remind you that you are not there. Things have changed, and the dynamic isn’t simply (a) going to the conference or (b) tweeting/blogging/sharing the conference from home as a pale substitute.

We see the line blurred, erased actually – valuable interactions with folks from all over are more than just the outside looking in. Genuine interaction, discussion, sharing, and movement are happening whether or not you are badged and in attendance or not! The key is your personal passion and willingness to engage. An example from the past stands out – #HIMSS18 in this regard.

My good friend @GraceCordovano helped organize a gifting program for the local shelter in Las Vegas – pulling together #HIMMS18 attendees, and yet she was not at the conference that year! Many friends in attendance, such as @MI_turnaround, @nickinnpdx, our own @Colin_Hung, plus many more, helped on the ground in Las Vegas.

This week on #HCLDR we’ll chat about the Fear of Missing Out in Healthcare and what that even means in today’s environment.

Please join me on Tuesday, April 18, 2023, at 8:30pm ET for the weekly #hcldr tweetchat where we will be discussing the fear of missing out.

  • T1 How have you experienced the fear of missing out in healthcare & how did you overcome it?

  • T2 How has the landscape of Tweeting, real-time interactions, and strong networks overcome the traditional need to be everywhere in person?

  • T3 What examples do you have of real value obtained/shared in cases where you were not personally present at a conference? Is this wishful thinking?

  • T4 What changes in conference design would further facilitate the tightening of the bonds between remote and in-person attendance?

Photo Credit: Fair Use

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