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Illusion of Choice in Healthcare

Blog by Joe Babaian The illusion of choice is the greatest magic trick ever performed. ― Ziad K. Abdelnour Free will and the meaning of choice have been a philosophical discussion since the beginning of spoken language. I’d like to focus on something a bit less esoteric – choice or the illusion of choice in healthcare. […]

What “healthcare access” are we really striving for?

This week I’m attending the SHSMD22 conference – an event for healthcare marketers and strategists – so I thought it would be interesting to unpack the term “healthcare access” with the #HCLDR community this week. Over that past year, “improving healthcare access” has become a popular phrase. I see it on company booths. I hear […]

Healthcare Consumers or Pawns?

Blog post by Joe Babaian The pharma pricing system was not built on the idea of consumer engagement. It was built… on market efficiencies. It was not built on the premise of consumerism. ~ Heather Bresch, Former CEO Mylan Heather’s comment is striking and it’s emblematic of the entire healthcare system as we now know […]

Immunity Passport – Great Idea or Hard Pass?

Amid the terrible surge in COVID-19 cases around the world, there has been encouraging news about the potential vaccines that may be available in the next few months. Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca are working hard to ship their vaccine before the end of the year. These vaccines will be key in the battle against the […]

The COVID-19 Effect: How The Coronavirus Pandemic is Reframing Healthcare

We are very excited to have a special guest host for the next HCLDR Tweetchat – Dr. Zeev Neuwirth! Dr. Neuwirth is an amazing speaker and podcast host. His book Reframing Healthcare – A Roadmap for Creating Disruptive Change is a phenomenal read – full of interesting ways to change your perspective on healthcare. Below […]

Social Determinants of Health – Who Should Lead The Way?

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Annual Thought-Leadership on Access Symposium (ATLAS) [you can read more about my observations at the conference here]. During one of the panel discussions, Kate Walsh, President & CEO of Boston Medical Center (BMC) asked this thought-provoking question: Where does the hospital end and the community begin? Her […]

Addressing Inequalities in Access to Healthcare for Underserved Populations

Blog by the Canadian College of Health Leaders and Paul Gallant CHE On January 15 on #hcldr we are going coast-to-coast exploring the inequalities in accessing care for underserved populations. We will be joined by Paul Gallant, an advocate for the rights of Indigenous Peoples for more than thirty years, and the Principal of Gallant Healthworks […]

Healthcare beyond borders: A talk with Médecins Sans Frontières

Blog post by Michael Lawson, MSF Canada.  Chat Tonight, Tue, 10/27, 830p E – Join in! Support for this blog and #hcldr project by:  Wendy Lai, Wayne Leung, Isabelle Jeanson, and Chris Houston, all Médecins Sans Frontières Canada Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international medical humanitarian organization that focuses on providing […]

Positive Deviance in Healthcare

Blog post by Colin Hung Over the past several weeks I’ve had the privilege of attending several healthcare events including Stanford’s Medicine X (#MedX) and Mayo Innovation’s Transform (#txfm). Both these conferences featured a unique blend of panel discussions and keynote speakers. It was incredibly inspirational and educational to be in the audience. The speakers […]

Moving Toward a System of Health…Together

Blog post by Brian Castrucci Brian Castrucci is the Chief Program and Strategy Officer at the de Beaumont Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation, Brian spent a decade working in state and local health departments. Brian is pursuing his doctorate in public health leadership at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Gillings School […]