First #hcldr a great success!

Last Tuesday (October 23rd), we held our first healthcare leadership tweetchat at 8:30pm Eastern and it was tremendous. A small group of 20 participants discussed the merits, pitfalls and challenges of getting/having healthcare CEO’s involved in Social Media. It was a spirited discussion, with lots of valuable insights and comments. The chat topic was inspired by the recent story of Aetna’s CEO Mark Bertolini (Twitter handle @mtbert) who graciously agreed to pay for Arijit Guha’s medical expenses after Guha posted a plea on Twitter. It was a remarkable example of how effective social media can be.

The story alone generated a lot of comments, but what made the first chat even more amazing was the participation of Carissa O’Brien (Twitter handle @CarrisaO). Carissa is the Social Media Community & Content Director for Aetna. During the chat she was able to provide an insider’s perspective on CEO’s and Twitter.

You can read the full transcript on Symplur and see a slideshare here

Lisa and I (Colin) learned a lot during the session. Thank you so much for your feedback. We appreciate and take your comments seriously. Next week’s chat will be even better!

Special thanks to all who participated: @healthiscool @HcsmMarketing @NatriceR @Elissa_Campbell @GeorgeMargelis @CurryJazz @ElinSilveous @s_eller @tmlfox @ARJalali @audvin @regrounding @hjluks @colekpharm @StorkBrian @HealthcareNovel @CarissaO @teaminspire @sspeck @JohnNosta @Strangely_T1 @7shores @MedStartr @Dr_Dana @giasison @FairCareMD @EinsteinMed @DrRunz_Urology @EMRAnswers

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