June 11 Chat – Open mike with Jack Andraka

Jack Andraka - ted2013_0048902_d41_8976Hello Everyone.

We’re excited to have Jack Andraka return to #HCLDR as our special guest. If you aren’t familiar with Jack or his innovative work, check out the blog post from Feb 19, 2013

Also, take a look at these wonderful posts from our friend Patricia Andreson (@pfanderson) about Jack and his work:

Young Genius & Open Access (#DontKnowJack), Part One

Young Genius & Open Access (#DontKnowJack), Part Two

Lisa Fields (@PracticalWisdom) created this amazing slideshare from Jakc’s first guest appearance on #HCLDR back in February. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Please join us on Tuesday June 11th 8:30pm Eastern for the weekly #HCLDR tweetchat.

Colin (@Colin_Hung)

Image credit: http://blog.ted.com/2013/02/27/an-early-detection-test-for-pancreatic-cancer-jack-andraka-at-ted2013/

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