June 25 Chat – Mindfulness at Work


So I would imagine like most of us in our community I’m trying to eat right, exercise, get enough hours of sleep and balance my work life with my personal life. Like so many things in medicine it sounds so easy but I’ll be frank it sure isn’t easy for me.

We know we can track and now there’s always a new app for that so let’s explore another road for better health that requires no wires. This week Healthcare Leaders will explore the benefits of mindfulness at work. I have a feeling this topic might be another “medicine and music” regarding the response we get so if this is the case we can certainly come back to this topic once again.

Sunday afternoon I had a remarkable conversation with a member of our own community Dr. Mohan Krishnan (@soulmirror). He shared information about his work with emotional wellbeing and mindfulness with those he serves. I’d encourage you to take a look at both his blog and his presentation: Emotional Well-Being… for the AutismFamily!

Drew Hansen (@drewhansen26) has written A Guide To Mindfulness At Work @forbes that’s busting with information and resources.

I was pleased Drew included a classic interview with @JonKabatZinn

The commitment and passion Mark Bertolini (@mtbert) chairman and chief executive of @aetna has for mindfulness, meditation, therapeutic yoga and other forms of alternative medicine fascinates me. His personal story is a powerful example of how he has been able to continue working through pain that could have easily taken him out of the workforce by using these tools on a daily basis.

“Helping people take control of their health is a critical step in achieving better health and reducing the cost of health care,” said Aetna CEO and President Mark Bertolini. “Stress takes a significant toll on physical and mental health. We want to understand, and also demonstrate, whether integrative medicine can offer our members options that both better suit their lifestyles and can be proven to improve their health. We will continue to build an evidence base for the mind-body approach to health.” Mark Bertolini

Aetna Building a Case for a “Mind-Body” Approach to Stress Management

Topic Questions

  • T1: Do you practice any type of meditation or mindfulness and if so what impacts have you experienced in your work life?
  • T2: Do you think our wired devices have impacted our brain so now mindfulness is harder to achieve?
  • T3: If clinicians began a formal meditation or mindfulness program at work do you think patients would notice a difference in their quality of care?

Please join us Tuesday June 25th at 8:30pm Eastern for #HCLDR chat. All are welcome.


Photo Credit: MGH Human Connectome Project Acquisition Team (http://www.nature.com/polopoly_fs/7.3435.1332258664!/image/brain.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_630/brain.jpg)

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